Keynote Address Offered By Donna Brazile

What Happened to "We the People" - Thoughts on the Media and the Democratic Process.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters
39th Annual Community Radio Conference, Reston, VA    May 28-31 2014
Welcome Message from Sally Kane, CEO, NFCB

Dear Friends in Community Radio,

It’s no accident that our keynote speaker Donna Brazile has titled her address:
What Happened to “We the People?”: Thoughts on the Media and Our Democratic Process.

A version of Donna’s question is one that I am asking myself as the leader of NFCB: What happened to ourcollective voice as a federation of community broadcasters?

This conference is ourchance to find it and tap into its power.

It’s also your chance as individuals to immerse yourself in the inspiring examples of your peers, to gain skills, and to access critical information that you have come to depend on from an NFCB conference.

As a diverse, multi-faceted, fiercely independent group of stations we make the rubber meet the road for grassroots, community based, programming across this country. We give voice to populations that are too often ignored, misunderstood, or misrepresented. We operate on small budgets with small staffs, and with the generous contributions of legions of volunteers.

I would venture to say that most of you have taken to the airwaves at some point to remind your listeners that you are there for them, that you are part of their community, that they can count on you to lift up their experience and share it with a larger audience. You’ve told them that they matter, no matter where they live, or how many people live there too. You’ve told them that you’re not like cookie cutter mass media.

What I want to say to you is that the same is true for NFCB. NFCB is your community radio station and you are the community that NFCB serves.

I invite you all to take action.  To prioritize the importance of our work and our aspirations and to demonstrate that by attending the 39th Annual NFCB conference. Together we can share knowledge, learn new skills, affirm our instincts, and champion our shared values. We don’t have to agree on everything to work together, but work together for the future of community media - for the health of our Democracy - we must.


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