Stop Second Guessing on the CMP Exam

Stop Second Guessing and Believe in Yourself

Stop Second Guessing on the CMP Exam

The other day, I had a student ask me how to stop to second-guessing on the CMP Exam practice test question answers. She finds that she answers correctly, only to change her choice to the wrong option.

I asked her to “Tell me what happens.”

She said, “I always think I know the answer, but then I think I must be wrong, so I choose a different answer.”

She admitted that her first instinct was correct most of the time, but she doubted herself so much that she second-guessed herself.

What’s surprising is that many other students in the class have the same problem.

How do you stop second-guessing yourself?

Interestingly, finding the correct answer and sticking with it requires a little bit of self-confidence and self-control.

First, let's talk about self-confidence

If you have followed the Event Solutions Academy program, you have
put much study time and effort into preparing for the CMP Exam. You have completed
your 12 reading assignments from the recommended study materials. You have
attended 15 classes, taking notes about the presentation. You have taken 12
practice quizzes and five practice tests. You are really well prepared! You should be oozing with confidence!

Now we have to consider self-control

You spent all this time preparing for the CMP Exam. Don’t undo all
that hard work! Stop second-guessing! Stick to what you know to be correct using self-control.

I know what I am asking you to do is a lot, but there are ways you can practice this, just like you practiced answering questions.

Here are a few situations where you can practice sticking with your initial choice:

  • The next time you go to dinner and review the menu, go with your first choice.
  • Binge TV night? OK, choose the first show you find interesting on Netflix rather than scrolling endlessly through the options.
  • When Choosing what to wear tomorrow, select the first option and stick to it.

We make countless decisions daily. You can likely identify other simple situations where you often change your mind. The way to drive to work, where to park, what to do in the evening. Practice self-control and stop second-guessing on the CMP Exam.

Making these “insignificant” choices may seem inconsequential. However, you are building a habit that will help you stick with your CMP Exam questions. With time and practice, you will trust your ability to be decisive when the CMP Exam presents a more daunting decision.

Helpful Concrete Actions to Stop Second Guessing on the CMP Exam

Do you change your answer because you think getting this question wrong will make or break your exam success?

Choose a New Thought
Move your eyes away from the screen and refocus by taking a deep breath. Only change the answer if you are 100% sure you have answered it wrong, perhaps because you found new information in another question. Otherwise, be confident that your first answer is the correct answer. Say this is my final answer and move on.

Saving Time
Time is so valuable when taking the CMP Exam. You are wasting precious time when you second guess yourself repeatedly.

Limit Yourself
Give yourself a limit to the number of times you will allow yourself to second guess your answers. Maybe you give yourself a budget of one second-guess for every 50 questions. That means you can second guess yourself three times on the exam. You will have to trust your gut the rest of the time.

Flag Questions
The exam interface allows you to flag a question. When you feel like changing your answer, flag the question and move on. Then use the following tip to believe in your reasons for the first answer.

Trust Your Logic
Before you change an answer you think might be wrong, explain to yourself why you chose the original option. Does your reasoning still hold true? Leave the answer.

Using these tips, working calmly and methodically through the CMP Exam, you can stop second-guessing on the CMP Exam. Once you have committed to an answer, don’t go back and change it unless you can identify a good reason to reject your original selection.

I know you can do it! I’m not even going to think about changing that conclusion!

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