Finding Time to Study Isn’t Easy

Time. It’s our most precious asset and one we don’t like giving away without a good reason. Finding time to study for your CMP exam isn’t easy.

So it’s no wonder one of the biggest reasons people postpone their CMP program is because they are concerned about time.

  • Is this the right time in my career?
  • How will I find the time?
  • How can I balance work and life and the CMP?
  • Will I have enough time to study?
  • Have I let too much time go since I last took an exam?

I hear these questions all the time.

What I can tell you is there is no good time to begin your CMP program, other than starting today because then you are closer to benefits. The longer you wait, the longer it will be for you to profit from all the advantages. And there will never be a perfect time, so let’s get started now.

Here’s the unfortunate truth…

You can’t manage time. We can’t make time last longer. It can’t be saved for later. It advances with or without us. All we can do is make the most of it.

There are, however, some really helpful tools so you can stay focused on what’s most important each day to reach your goals. Let’s explore some helpful tools that help me make the most of each day.


The Best Self Journal is one amazing tool!

It addresses your goals, daily and weekly habits, keeps you on track, helps you time block and recognize, wins, lessons learned and morning and evening gratitude.

How can one tool do all of this?

This crafty journal has a great pdf, Self Journal – How It Works to show you how to get started. I like this pdf because you can read about the process and even try the journal before you buy. (To buy click here and use coupon code: EllenCMP)  

Previously, I had been trying to:

  • work on my morning and evening rituals
  • keep track of all that I am thankful for in a gratitude journal
  • time block
  • focus on my goals

And I was not doing any of this well. 

The Best Self Journal combines all these disciplines in one place, with the idea that completing these practices will keep your goal in focus.

If your goal is earning your CMP, finding the time to study just got easy!

It may just be worth your time!

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