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Why Do It? CMP Benefits

Certified Meeting Professional – CMP benefits are life-changing, from Enhanced Credibility to Increased Earnings and Professional Development to Global Recognition. If you are going to

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About Ellen Maiara, CMP

I am the Chief Solutions Officer of Event Solutions Management, but I am not only an indie meeting professional. I am passionate about empowering meeting professionals to live their best life, by realizing their career goals through the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Certification.

 For nearly fifteen years, I have led more than 2000 meeting professionals to earn their certification by concentrating on three areas, content, test taking skills and confidence, students focus on activities that lead to exam success.

I’m is a non-Box-ie thinker and Broadway musical geek who loves electronic gadgets and computer applications. I lives in Tampa, Florida, USA with my lovely husband, Michael, and our two incredible cats, Liberty and Fidget, who have just supervised the writing of this brief biography.