Why Do It? CMP Benefits

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Why Do It? CMP Benefits

Certified Meeting Professional – CMP benefits are life-changing, from Enhanced Credibility to Increased Earnings and Professional Development to Global Recognition. If you are going to do all this work and give up three months of your life, you better have a strong reason before you undertake such an enormous project. Are your reasons clear in your mind, so you have something to drive you when your motivation is lags? What CMP Benefits will make the difference for you?

What's In It For You? CMP Benefits

CMP Benefits

Personal Achievement

If you had asked me BEFORE earning my CMP, I would have told you I was pretty secure in my achievements as a Meeting Professional, but having earned my CMP, I can tell you that the CMP benefit of personal achievement is the one I value the most from this experience. Earning my certification has given me a sense of validation, which has led to a healthy dose of confidence.

Meeting Professionals tend to be “people pleasers,” relying on external factors to endorse us. All too often, the compliment and thanks never come. The CMP is a constant reminder of the skill and expertise that we have achieved, providing the confidence we need to continue our challenging and stressful work.

Enhanced Credibility

Now more than ever, we need to be able to stand out. For those of us who are still planning events, virtual or otherwise, when we do our job well, it should be seamless and, unfortunately, goes unnoticed. If we are looking for a new position, we want to demonstrate our skill beyond others. In both situations, this CMP Benefit gives us credibility and shows our commitment to the craft of excellence in events.

CMP Benefits Earnings

Annually, PCMA does a meetings industry salary survey. For years, the results have consistently shown that those who have their CMP earn at least $10,000 more than their non-CMP counterparts. Throughout a CMPs career, that might mean earning $400,000 more than those who did not achieve their credential. If you are looking for a CMP Benefit to give you motivation, I think you just found it!


Because we tend to be people who provide services to others, the idea of recognition can sometimes be uncomfortable. I have to say that this is one reason why the Meetings Industry is a “best-kept secret.” We don’t seek the spotlight. But then we wonder why no one acknowledges our contributions. We need to get comfortable with recognition.

We should use our CMP credential in all professional activities. Because the CMP is globally recognized, people worldwide will see your expertise and accomplishments. Those unfamiliar with the CMP will ask you about it, helping you become an excellent ambassador for our industry. For job seekers, the CMP Directory makes your certification verifiable, which gives you an advantage over other candidates. You will find invitations to CMP only events helpful in maintaining your certification while learning and giving back to the Meetings Industry.

Doing an enormous amount of hard work and giving up three months of your life now leads to a lifetime of CMP benefits. It’s time to get started! Your first step is to sign up for my free course, the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a CMP. From there, your hard work will bring benefits for many years to come!

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