Don’t Fake It! Another CMP Benefit

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Don’t Fake It! Another CMP Benefit

During office hours this week, a past student dropped by.  (I love when people stop by! It’s a huge benefit for my students. That includes you!)

He had successfully earned his CMP and wanted to let me know. I really love that!

We chatted for a while, and to my delight, he related to me that he’s not faking it anymore.

Well, he didn’t exactly put it in those terms!

He said that in the past, when his colleagues discussed SWOT analysis, situational analysis, and other business terms, he pretended to understand and then went back to his desk to try to figure out what was being discussed. This is an unexpected benefit to earning his CMP.

2 People Finding the Benefit in New Knowledge

While he is thrilled to have earned his CMP, he values that he can now participate in these discussions. He has the confidence and the knowledge to be a contributing member of his team.

As the events industry continues to rebound, enhancing your skills and gaining industry certifications becomes more critical to your career development. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the meeting industry, continuing education is a smart career move. What an amazing advantage you are giving yourself!

Enhancing your skills becomes a stepping stone to career advancement, a new job, or a higher salary because you provide more value to your employer.

One of the most common reasons individuals pursue certification is to validate their knowledge and increase their confidence at work. In addition, achieving certification can give you greater confidence that you are a subject matter expert.

What would it feel like not to have to “fake it ’til you make it?”

CMP Benefit - Confidence - Woman Celebrating on the Summit of A Moutain

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